Faxes, Scanning, Copies & Printing

Fax, Scan, and Copy service is available at all Medina County District Libraries. Fax and scan services are free. The Library only sends faxes. It does not receive faxes for members. Scans may be sent to an email or saved to a flash drive.

Copy machines are available at all MCDL locations. Copies may be made for $.10 per page for black and white or $.50 for color (Medina, Brunswick, and Lodi Libraries offer color copies). Copy machines do not make change. The funds you load on your account are not refundable.

With an MCDL library card you are allowed up to $.50 in free prints per day from our desktop stations or from a wireless device. That equates to 5 black and white pages or 1 color page (where available - Medina, Brunswick, and Lodi Libraries have color printers).
Additional pages cost $.10 each for black and white and $.50 per page for color copies (where available).

NEW at MCDL! Print to MCDL copiers touch-free and from anywhere

Web print available remotely: Members are now able to access the web print features both on-site and remotely. Members can visit https://printing.clevnet.org, log in using the library card credentials, and then choose "Web Print" on the left. From there, they can select the print queue they wish to use and upload a document for printing. Once it has been processed, they can release the job on-site the same as if they had printed from a workstation.

Mobile print release: Simply scan the QR code on the copy machine at your library or go to https://printing.clevnet.org/mr. Send your document to the print queue at your desired library where it will be held for 24 hours. When you arrive at the library scan the QR code on the machine to release your print.

Email-to-print: You may also email-to-print by sending your document to bwprinting@mcdl.info for black and white prints or colorprinting@mcdl.info for color prints (only Medina, Brunswick and Lodi libraries offer color prints), or scan the QR codes below for the emails.

Accepted documents include most image formats, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and PDF. Documents must be sent as attachments and the body of the email will not be printed.

This feature puts your prints in a system wide queue. Simply arrive at any MCDL location to release the prints. Upon your first use of this feature you will receive an email requiring you to link your email to the PaperCut user account.

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