Outreach Services Bringing the Library to You Outreach Services’ mission is to provide library materials and services to patrons with limited access to libraries. Library Items Delivered MCDL staff and volunteers deliver library items to patrons at homes and senior facilities. Books by Mail is another option. Short and long-term service is available. Services for Visually Impaired Borrow a Magnifier Kit to sample a variety of magnifiers for all uses. Talking Books are available free by mail to Ohio residents who qualify. Playback equipment is provided. Memory Care Kits Kits include a support book for caregivers, adult picture book, music CD, and activities. Kits are designed for anyone caring for an individual experiencing memory loss. Available for check out at your library. Create Custom Holiday Gifts! Cricut & embroidery machines • Laser engraver Convert home movies or photos to digital Reservations recommended. See website for hours, equipment, and training information. Makerspace & Digital Lab at Medina Library mcdl.info/Makerspace 5 Tools & Tech mcdl.info/ToolsTech A collection of useful gadgets you may need only once, or would like to try before you buy! It includes items many patrons have requested as well as some you never knew you needed. • Acer Chromebook • Dry Erase Board • Headphones • Mini Mouse • Portable Monitor • USB Microscope • USBWebcam • Wi-Fi Hotspot Available at Medina Library • Action Camera • Binoculars • Blood Pressure Monitor • Car Engine Fault Code Reader • HDMI Projector • Kill A Watt Electricity Monitor • Metal Detector • Portable Telescope • Radon Detector • Scanner Pen • Soprano Ukulele • Stud Finder • Thermal Leak Detector • USB Microphone Available at all MCDL locations mcdl.info/Outreach • 330-722-2590